dataWerks Works on Time-Saving and Cost-Efficient Data Virtualization Tools
DataWerks is a web-based platform that provides a Data Virtualization Software that potentially aims at covering all your data management needs for your business. Data Virtualization tools offered by dataWerks do not use practices like replication or heavy finite data storage, instead it is obtained from various sources and delivered within no time thereby saving time and cost while providing speed and scalability. The chief goal of this technique is to synthesize heterogeneous data (combusted data) to make it visible to the user in terms of homogenous data (single data). DataWerks provides access to a system that converts and integrates all complex data into simple and accessible data which can be easily understood. DataWerks came up with an alternative Extract Transform and Load ETL technology and data warehousing through data virtualization tool which is aimed at producing quick and timely insights from various sources without extensive modification with ETL and storage of data. Acquire and assemble information off of different hotspots for your day by day business needs with dataWerks. Unified data analytic processing from start to finish with dataWerks.
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Feb 3, 2023